We assure our clients that the products at Admiral Trading Company are of the best standard and quality. We have a strong position in the market because of these features of the products sold by us. Our product range is wide.

Our major portion of business is into the sales of Champion asbestos, gaskets, textiles and, PTFE products.

1. Champion Asbestos
Champion is recognised world over as Asbestos manufacture specialists. Manufactured in keeping with the international quality standards, the demand for Champion Asbestos is ever increasing. Apart from a mineral fibre in building construction materials, asbestos is also a insulator and as a fire retardant. Manufactured using the latest factory equipments and developed with the aid of research, scientific facts combined with highly specialized technical knowledge of engineers, and according to international and Indian standards, Champion products are a winner.

Champion asbestos is a consistently resilient product manufactured from selected asbestos fibre and bonded with high-grade binder compound. This asbestos is manufactured to ensure maximum stability against high pressure and temperatures. This feature of Champion asbestos makes it widely used in various forms in the industrial and engineering services. The use of Champion asbestos assures safety and economy even on critical working conditions like varying temperatures and pressure.

Compressed Asbestos Fibre Jointing
a. Gaskets
Champion gaskets are effectively used to seal the surfaces of a projection or mechanical assembly. For this, the surfaces of the two contact faces and the pressure employed are taken into account and accordingly the right type of serration is used. The resistance power of Champion gaskets gives it an edge over the fluid media in manufacturing a perfect seal against variations on temperature and pressure under working conditions.

b. Packing
Catering to the demands of high-tech packing in industries are Champion Seals and Packings. These products are the result of years of research to obtain highest functional application and reliability. Champion packing is developed for exhaust pipe wrappings, ducting, solvents and gases.

c. Asbestos Textiles  
Asbestos textiles come in forms like asbestos yarn, lagging rope and asbestos cloth. These yarns are produced in different grades to meet with specific requirements of higher temperature insulation. Lagging ropes are produced for use in insulation of steam pipelines in power plants and industries. They are also produced for specific high temperature insulation of packing for dummy bar in molten steel castings and such other purposes. Asbestos cloth is used as a diaphragm in electrolytic cells and high temperature applications.
These features have added to the wide use of asbestos textiles more used in heat insulation. Depending on your industry requirement, we have stocks of asbestos textiles in requisite widths and thickness. Also, Champion develops special qualities of asbestos textiles for your requirements.

2. Champion PTFE Products
Champion Polytetra Fluoroethylene, or for short PTFE is engineering plastics compressed and moulded in various shapes. These products are made resistant virtually to all chemicals even at high temperatures and pressures. It is affected only under certain conditions by alkali metals, fluorine and some fluorine compound. The major advantage of PTFE is that, it has the lowest coefficient of friction of all solid materials.
PTFE is an anti-adhesive, meaning; other materials do not adhere to PTFE.

Range of Products

Semi-finished Products: Rods, Bushes, Tubes, Sheets
Finished Products: Gaskets, Rings, Bellows, Diaphragms for Valves/Pumps
Special components for Valves/Pumps: These come in two types - with inserts
and without inserts

Champion PTFE products are extensively used in electric insulation. The excellent electric properties of PTFE that remains constant independent of frequency and temperature, give you an edge over other PTFE products. PTFE is also extensively used in pharmaceutical, chemicals, aeronautics, space engineering, drugs, rubber and plastics, marine lines, electrical and engineering, agricultural, fertilizers, paper and pulp, distribution and generation of power, food, beverages, lime, cement etc., industries.

Manufactured Teflon Products
An added service at Admiral is that we also make customized products. Depending on your requirements, specifications or samples, we manufacture made-to-order Teflon products.